A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation


Lung cancer is the deadliest of cancers claiming more lives than breast, colon and prostrate cancers combined. Nearly twice as many women die of lung cancer as breast cancer, yet lung cancer research is drastically underfunded and the disease remains in the shadows of other cancers.

Half of each year’s lung cancer cases happen to nonsmokers, either never or former smokers. The stigma that keeps lung cancer facts hidden is dangerous, in particular to nonsmokers who do not realize their vulnerability and do not recognize symptoms.

A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation fights lung cancer by raising awareness, supporting patients and funding research. Like other cancers, lung cancer is caused by smoking and myriad other causes. Anyone can get lung cancer and everyone deserves a chance to beat it.

We invite you to attend an A Breath of Hope event this year and get involved to help improve a 17% survival rate!

More information at www.abreathofhope.org.

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