Exceptional Service Award of Excellence

Posted on September 2nd, 2015 under News Flash.

Congratulations to Ben & Jerry’s of Wayzata, the most recent recipient of the Exceptional Service Award of Excellence. It’s no secret that Ben & Jerry’s knows how to scoop up tasty treats. ” For the past three years, Ben & Jerry’s has agreed to host a challenge for the Wayzata High School Survivor Week. This year they provided four Vermonsters. They accommodate the teams as they race in and out of their store, and still provide excellent service to all the customers stopping in to watch the Survivor challenge. Wayzata High School and our Fund-A-Need program are so thankful for the constant support from Ben & Jerry’s. Thank you! ” -A recent nomination for the Ben & Jerry’s team from the Wayzata Student Council.

Sarah Kaelberer and Dennis Zahrbock of Business & Estate Advisers Inc., approached the Chamber to establish this award in the Wayzata area to give recognition to companies who provide outstanding customer service.