Creo Arts and Dance Conservatory Wins Exceptional Service Award!

Posted on December 9th, 2013 under News Flash.
Congratulations to Creo Arts and Dance Conservatory for winning the Exceptional Service Award! A full story by Chelsea Janke from C.E.L. Public Relations is below.


I Think, I Create, I Believe – Creo Arts and Dance Conservatory

Creo Arts and Dance Conservatory brings a wholesome, family-friendly atmosphere to the community. It is their mission to “build strong, creative, commitment-minded, joyful, wholesome artists.” It is the values of this business that led to their recognition of outstanding service to the Wayzata community. Every quarter, Business & Estate Advisers, Inc. and the Greater Wayzata Area Chamber of Commerce honor those businesses that continually go above and beyond to provide outstanding customer service.

Their name, CREO – a latin word, meaning “I think, I create, I believe” emits the essence of their giving to the community. “It is more than a place to take dance.” said Amy Gammill, who nominated Creo for the award. “It is a place where girls, boys, young women and men are inspired and challenged to be responsible, caring, healthy, hardworking and positive individuals.”  Gammill has first-hand knowledge of the type of individuals that come out of the program. “My 10 year old [has been dancing for 4 years], and in that time I’ve seen her grow in focus, responsibility, self-respect, dance skill, poise, artistic depth, and compassion…”

Another member of the community, Autumn Touissaint, Assistant Director of the Wayzata Community Church (WCC) and Director of Good Works Community Theatre at WCC wrote about the director of Creo ,Christa Anderson. “[She] is a brilliant teacher, but not just in the dance realm. She is teaching her students life lessons about where their talent and passion come from, whom they are dancing for, and the humility, confidence and focus that it takes to move along life’s journey…. Creo is a testament to customer service both on and off the stage.”

Visit the about page on their website, and watch the video to really capture the vision of Creo and their program. Offering not only children’s instruction but also adult classes, they focus on technique and pride themselves on process over product.


Business & Estate Advisers, Inc., founder of the Exceptional Service Award of Excellence, is a Chamber member with offices in Wayzata and in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. The company has been acknowledging businesses with outstanding customer service since 2003. Sarah Kaelberer and E. Dennis Zahrbock of Business & Estate Advisers, Inc. approached the Greater Wayzata Area Chamber of Commerce to establish this award in the Wayzata area to recognize deserving companies. The Exceptional Service Award of Excellence is presented to noteworthy businesses on a quarterly basis.

Now accepting nominations for the 4th Quarter!  For nomination forms, go online to or to the Greater Wayzata Area Chamber of Commerce office. For more information, call (952) 473-9595.